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"Bringing Health and Safety to Lives"
Our motto is to ensure health safety to all.

Who We Are

RCS International is a leading provider of Occupational Health & Safety Training and Third Party Inspection Services. Our legacy has been built over decades of strong commitment to safety, compliance and quality. We have an impeccable service record in Construction, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing sectors.

We are a leading provider of comprehensive health and safety training solutions, dedicated to promoting safe and healthy work environments across various industries. With a strong commitment to education and compliance, we strive to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to minimize risks, prevent accidents, and protect the well-being of employees.

Our Third Party Inspection Services offer independent and impartial assessments of various products and processes across multiple industries. As a trusted third-party inspection provider, we specialize in verifying and validating the quality, compliance, and functionality of your assets.

RCS International encompasses the needs of many industries and disciplines in line with International Standards. RCS’s deliverable reflects unbiased statement of fact reporting and confirms verification of inspection services to various international regulations, codes, standards, design specifications and specific technical requirements of the region.

Our engineers and technical consultants have supreme experience in the industry we work with and their level of knowledge is a class all by itself. Our team includes a wide range of highly qualified safety practitioners, professionals and engineers. They are exceptional in providing the highest quality of innovative and industry specific bespoke solutions.


Our vision is to work for a safer world where quality and performance is achieved by reducing harmful environmental impact.


To deliver a value added service through Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Responsibility management of their assets, projects, products and systems to operate risk reduction and performance improvement.


Our business reputation is one of the most valuable assets of our group and is a key component for the development of our services. Therefore, impartiality, independence and integrity are the points that serve the basis for the development of our ethical code.

All these values ​​are shared and subscribed by our team, which reinforces the unity and cohesion of our group to help us in our strategy of sustainable and profitable growth.

  • RCS works in compliance with local and international laws, regulations and standards.
  • Staff reports internal violations of this Code of Ethics to their supervisors.
  • A dedicated compliance system supports executives in addressing the identified violations.
  • Nobody may suffer disadvantages from compliance with the RCS’s Code of Ethics.
  • Staff are continuously informed and trained on issues including ethical matters in their daily work.
  • RCS rejects unethical business practices and operates its business free from corruption and bribery.
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We bring health & safety to lives.

Trained Candidates
We have trained more than 151,000 candidates in Qatar
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We are providing over 300 plus types of Training in Qatar
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We are serving more than 400 satisfied corporate clients in Qatar
10 years of Excellence in providing health and safety services in Qatar
Comprehensive service in health and safety and third party inspection services.